Simple Food – Facts About Food

We are aware that obesity rates are rocketing. We often (rather lazily), put it down to lazy people who sit around all day watching TV and stuffing themselves. Of course this happens but that is simply not the full picture, there is more to it. Over the years our food has been radically changed and so has our relationship to food.

50 Foods That Are Super Healthy

We don’t have to hunt for food, it is easy to come by. But looking at the alarming rates of obesity and trying to figure out ways of keeping ourselves healthy we can begin to notice the differences in our modern eating habits and modern food production and selling techniques.

It is a simple thing that any business that Fakta om mat wants to do well will investigate how to get more for it’s dollar. They want to sell more for less money up front. In doing so food production companies and food supermarkets will have paid trained teams of people including psychologists to help them understand what makes us tick or in other words what makes us spend more or eat more.

The simple thing is, when we eat foods high in salt, fat and sugar it makes us eat more foods high in salt, fat and sugar. This reaction has been seen in experiments with both humans animals. David Kessler MD who has written a book called ‘The End Of Overeating: Taking Control Of The Insatiable American Appetite,’ believes that we have an emotional reaction to food and when foods rich in salt, fats and sugar are eaten it activates that emotion and we eat more to retain the feeling. Even when it is beyond what we actually need to eat.

To combat this he recommends the key tenet of simple living – be conscious and aware. Eat with structure and purpose. Plan ahead and be in charge and aware of what goes into your mouth.


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